New face recognition device for access control system with infrared temperature sensor

September 19, 2020

Latest company news about New face recognition device for access control system with infrared temperature sensor

Biometric Facial Recognition Door Access Control System

Facial Recognition Access Control System Overview
A ClockRite facial recognition door entry system provides a sophisticated, scalable access control solution for your business. Proven biometric technology ensures that only authorised personnel can access secure doors, while permissions can be managed through departments and staff groups right down to the individual employee level. Optional WiFi capability allows the AC400 to integrate seamlessly into your existing network without the need to run additional network cables. This door access control system can also be utilised for Time and Attendance monitoring if required.

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8inch Dynamic Face Recognition Temperature test device for Access control



Product overview and main features

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When the Android based computer is integrated into the terminal of the information publishing system, it can realize the customized application in specific occasions, and has the basic information advertising function. Customized interactive touch query function and game entertainment function are integrated to play the compact tablet. Easy to move. Flexible features, open up new applications in the field of mobile digital signage, to meet personalized customer needs. For example, the e-menu system can be applied to hotels, high-end restaurants, KTV bars, etc., with the realization of intuitive style inquiry of dishes and drinks. Function introduction, etc. Through the function of advertisement, we can recommend special items such as discounts, signboards, etc. to customers, with the function of direct order. It can also be used as the entertainment terminal for customers to play some small games or watch movies and videos before meals. To meet the entertainment needs of customers' spare time: in addition to the application in hotels and restaurants, the platform is also targeted and personalized application market in many industries such as hospitals, automobiles, real estate, tourism, etc.


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Device hardware parameter configuration



8-inch round corner 8-inch fillet size drawing
Wall hanging mode
Support method of torch holder column


Product introduction:


Tpk-08rls vertical temperature measurement face design adopts the management module, adopts the Ruixin micro rk3288 / 3399 hardware platform, carries the industrial level binocular camera and face living recognition technology, as well as the infrared human body temperature measurement module, and supports the expansion of ID card reader, fingerprint instrument and other peripherals, which can be applied to the gate channel and access control attendance, and realizes the safe and efficient access control of personnel.

1, Hardware parameter configuration of 8-inch face attendance thermometer

Product parameter table
Product Name 8-inch face attendance thermometer
Model No.: TPK-08RLS
LCD panel Panel brand AUO
Display area 172.6(H)*108(V)mm
display scale 16:9
Backlight LED
Resolving power 1280*800
brightness 250cd/㎡
contrast ratio 2000:1
response time 5ms
Dot pitch 0.4845(H)*0.4845(V)mm
color 16.7M
function CPU Quad core RK-3288 1.8G main frequency A17 core
Running memory 2GB
storage 8GB
Video decoding Support wmv、flv、ts、mp4etc.
Picture format Support bmp、jpeg、png、gif
Audio output 10WX2
Camera interface USB Binocular camera 5 million wide angle camera

Infrared thermography


Temperature over temperature alarm Support (temperature alarm value can be set)
Human body temperature detection Support
Temperature detection distance 1 meter Temperature measurement accuracy ≤± 0.3 ℃
Temperature measurement range: 10 ℃ ~ 42 ℃ Thermal imaging field of view 32 x 32 ℃
Visitors with normal temperature will be released directly Support
External interface network Ethernet, WiFi
Interface 1 USB
Power Power Supply 1 power interface input of GB word plug, or customized
working voltage AC220V,50/60Hz
maximum power 15W
Work environment Temperature -20℃-40℃
humidity 10-90%RH No condensation
Appearance information Product size 238.24*128*34.5mm
Packing dimensions BODY 300*160*40mm
weight 1.45kg
SPARE PARTS Mounting screws
Installation mode Gate support installation


Product function list:


Rockchip RK3288

Arm six core 64 bit processor, main frequency 1.8GHz

Based on big.little large and small core architecture, dual core cortex-a72 (large core) + quad core cortex-a53 (small core)


Mail-t860 GPU MP4 quad core GPU

Support OpenGL es1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.1, openvg1.1, OpenCL, Dx11, AFBC (frame buffer compression)

memory DDR3 2G (up to 4G)

EMMC 8GB (16g / 32g / 64g / 128G optional)


TF Card extension (can be used to extend SSDs)

Network Support internet 10/100/1000Mbps,support Ethernet。
Support 2.4ghz/5ghz dual frequency WiFi, support Wi Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac protocol.
Support Bluetooth function, v2.1 + EDR / Bluetooth 3.0 / 3.0 + HS / 4.1/ble
Support 4G function, lte-tdd / lte-fdd / TD-SCDMA / edge / GPRS / GSM (optional
Display interface

1 * EDP interface (edp1.3, 4lands with 5.4gbps), supporting 3.3v/5v/12v power supply


1 * LVDS interface (single channel / double channel, 6 bits / 8 bits), support 7 "- 108" display 1080p 60Hz output, support 3.3v/5v/12v power supply


1 * HDMI 2.0 supports 4K 60Hz output


Support dual screen display

audio frequency

1 * horn output (2 * 5W 4R thd < 10%)

1 * headset output

1 * microphone input

Touch screen

1 * I2C interface (support multi-point resistance touch, multi-point capacitance touch).

Support USB multi-point infrared touch, multi-point capacitive touch, multi-point nano film touch, multi-point acoustic touch, multi-point optical touch and so on.

HDMI out output 1 * HDMI out HDMI out output function supports 720p / 1080p (optional)
Camera 1 * USB camera function, support 800w-usb interface camera (optional)
RTC Built in real-time clock power supply battery, supporting timing switch
SIM 1 * SIM card holder for extending 4G LTE module with mini PCIe
Infra-red 1 * infrared receiver, supporting infrared remote control function
LED 1 * power supply strong LED (red), 1 * system led (blue, flashing by default)
Button 1 * reset key, 1 * power key, 1 * upgrade key
Serial port Expand RS232, RS485, 3 * UART TTL
IO interface 4 * IO port, support input or output
8 inch power consumption 15W
work environment -20 degrees + 60 degrees
The power adapter Input: ac100-240v.50-60hz, output: DC12V / 5.5mm inner core 2.1mm DC head 2a-5a (surge voltage is required to be less than 18V, ripple voltage is required to be less than 100mV), support power on self starting or power on press start button to start





Basic software specifications:

OS Android5.1
VIDEO SUPPORT H.265 , H.264,VP8, MAV , WMV , AVS , H.263 , MPEG4 1080p / 2160p multi video decoding with equal video format
PICTURE Support JPG, BMP, PNG and other image formats browsing and support rotation / slide show / image magnification function
Application software of the system Apk installer, email, calculator, browser, recorder, calendar, settings, clock, video player, search, address book, gallery, download, camera, music, explorer
Language support Multilingual language
Typewriting Standard Android keyboard, optional third-party input method (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)
system management The original Android system, with open root permission, can be customized for product development
Real time remote monitoring, system crash self recovery, 7 * 24 hours unattended
Support OTA remote upgrade
Suport wifi display
System watchdog Support software watchdog





Algorithm type Deep learning face recognition algorithm
Face database 1:10000
Recognition time 340 MS (5000 face database retrieval time)
Error recognition rate <0.01%
Rejection rate <0.1%
Recognition distance 1-1.5m
1-1.5m 90degree
Personnel management Support to add, update, delete and view employee information
Support network distribution and local configuration from management server
Camera pixel 5 million binocular people
Light compensation sensing distance Less than 3 meters
Backlight recognition illuminance <6000Lux
Face screening method Max face
Number of people taking pictures at the same time 1
Face registration method On site photo / photo entry / ID card reading entry
Batch entry Support
Opening mode Switching value / maintenance / 232
Interface Power supply 12V, USB2.0 * 2 (can be connected with QR code, ID card, IC card, etc.), 100m network interface * 1, switching value * 1
Outline size Cylinder Φ 120mm * 500mm
Screen size 8 "full view high light screen


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latest company news about New face recognition device for access control system with infrared temperature sensor  3


Physical map:

Software operation interface

3、 System composition:


The system consists of three parts: management platform, network system and terminal display equipment.


Management platform:

The management platform is the core of the whole publishing system. All media information publishing, media file management, information data management and terminal display device management are completed on this platform.


Network system:


Based on TCP / IP protocol transmission, you can choose wired connection mode, wireless WiFi connection mode, 4G connection mode (4G version can be customized)





The terminal is a display device with LCD as the core, built-in 3288 motherboard, network transmission module, (4G module can be equipped) and memory card.

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